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Explore MPS 100 'Spar Tower' But, why HSI?

We Can Build Anything You Want to Imagine.

Explore MPS 10M 'Nu Honolulu' But, why HSI?

We Proudly Uphold the Burden of Leadership.

Explore MPS 10K 'Peach' But, why HSI?

Our Technical Concepts Range from Family-sized Islands to Orbital Cities!

Explore MPS 10 'Bergstead Kiwi' But, why HSI?

Our New Website is ~Here!

Welcome to the new website for HSI.  Its kinda here... ~almost.  We appreciate your patience in the process.  The old website, started in the Spring of 2014, is still available here:  We are are still working to copy the relevant content onto our new Wordpress-based site.  Sorry if the new…